Jan 15–17

Dear family! On Friday, we packed up the car and headed for the cabin! Woohoo! There is nothing in this whole life that I love more than family time, sunshine and adventures ❤️❤️

Upon arriving at the cabin, it was the usual routine: Mama take Leslie and start with making dinner, papa carry everything from the car and start a roaring fire in the fireplace. We made delicious homemade pizza and it was hot and ready by the time Bestefar, Mormor and Uncle Tom showed up. So, we had a nice meal together and then Leslie went about…

24 December — 4 Jan

Santa comes today!!! And we are soooo excited!

This morning is beautiful and although I was up loooong before the rest of the cabin with Leslie, we snuggled and remained pretty quiet. It was a bit of a long night as she woke and cried until mommy pulled her into bed and I escaped into the top bunk… but otherwise fine. She of course also was not so interested in sleeping last night and wanted to join the party, which led to some crying. …

23 December

Dearest loves of my life,

Today we headed to the hytte to celebrate Jul. Leslie was so excited to see all of the family together! Mimi, Bestefar, Henrik, Tom-Eirik, Oldemor, Mama, Papa and (in mama’s belly, baby Madison). She loves to be around everyone and was so happy and full of love, laughter, excitement and joy.

We had julegrøt for dinner, which Leslie had been looking forward to for a long time, especially after all the times singing “På loven sitter nissen, spise julegrøt, så god og søt…”

We ate the whole bowl of porridge, plus spekkemat and…

21 December

My sweet Leslie, I love you baby girl! You are so funny, smart, caring, pretty and charming. I always love it when you wake up in the mornings and look at me and smile and say “I’m done sleeping papa, I slept all night”. …

12 December

Dearest loves of my life, another week and weekend has flown by. I try to write in the evenings but usually by the time I finish work, I just want to snuggle on my family until Leslie goes to bed and then I go to the gym for an hour and then it’s bedtime.

We had a lot of fun over the weekend. On Friday, our company had the Julebord (Christmas party) and it was a lot of fun with all the famous Christmas dishes (pinnekjot, ribbe, etc) and then some partying afterwards ;)

On Saturday, we went…

5 December

Good morning my loves! We had such a nice weekend! On Saturday morning, daddy and Leslie got up early and we had so much fun! We snuggled on the couch and read books, then we played with play-dough and made tasty cinnamon rolls and Leslie sat on my lap on the couch while eating a warm cinnamon roll, drinking milk and watching some kids’ TV.

I snuggled her and kissed her on her head and enjoyed some moments alone with her, soaking in the quality time. She also helped me make a fire in the fireplace and we…

3 December

Hey dear family! Today after work, we are going to take family photos! It’s the first time we’ve had professional photos taken and it will be so much fun :) I just hope Leslie is in a good mood when she comes home from daycare.

The last couple of days have been so nice. Leslie is over her very short period of tantrums and is just the absolute sweetest, nicest little girl the world could ever ask for. Her vocabulary is really expanding rapidly and she can put together sentences of more than 10 words! She is so…

1 December

Yesterday was so much fun. I came home in time for us to all eat dinner together (day 2 of Thanksgiving leftovers. Nice!) and then afterwards, we cleaned up and daddy and Leslie played on the floor with a huge storage box of Legos while mommy and baby took a few minutes to relax on the couch. It was so fun and Leslie built such high towers with the Legos.

I’m amazed at all the things she can comprehend and do at just 2 years old… it blows my mind. …

30 November

Hello my loves! As usual, there’s been quite a gap since the last time I wrote. We’ll start from the most recent and see what I can recall.

On Sunday evening, we decorated the house and tree. I love it! Christmas music, dancing, silly games, and Leslie had so much fun digging through the ornaments box… it was fun to watch her eyes light up with joy and mystery as she pulled out all the decorations.

Some of them were my first ornaments,and many more still from when I was a little boy. My dad shipped them over…

3 November

Dearest Leslie my angel, yesterday you had a complete meltdown at barnehage when mama came to get you. Minimum of 30minutes of screaming and laying on the ground, etc. Eventually, mama broke down in tears in front of everyone.

Unacceptable, little girl. This nonsense stops now.

I understand that you have very strong emotions and you’re good at showing them, but you cannot be a little brat and get away with it. You have been difficult now for a couple of weeks and we have reached the absolute limit. We’ve tried forcing you and that’s a disaster, we’ve…

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